Futuristic Plans

Khalsa FC endeavours to regain the sheen lost in the past which was once reigned by Punjabis in sports. Through these efforts Khalsa FC visualizes to wean away the youth from drug abuse and channelizing their energy into active sports activities so as they can enhance their carrier as sportspersons. In addition to this, Khalsa FC envisions to enable the Punjabi youth to get recruitment in army, para-military & state police forces through sports quota.BENEFITS TO PLAYERS

  • The Khalsa FC will hold 'Sikh Football Cup' (SFC) annually and women teams shall also take part in this tournament.
  • Winners and runner-up teams of boys and girls including their coaches will be awarded with cash prizes worth lakhs of Rupees.
  • The Khalsa FC team selected during this event can avail opportunities to play matches with prominent national teams/clubs in India as well as known football clubs abroad.
  • Khalsa FC will try to get insurance plan for its football team members to cover the injuries/damages, if any,happen during the competitions.
  • Khalsa FC can act as launching pad for promising players to have good luck in executing contracts with high valued national and international football clubs.
  • Khalsa FC will highlight achievements of its players in print/electronic/social media/websites so as they could explore fortuity in other clubs.
  • Khalsa FC will try to arrange sponsors to provide best training/coaching/medical and hotel facilities including free education for its best footballers.
  • Khalsa FC will honour best footballers and coaches every year for their distinguished contributions.
  • To fulfill the aims of its mission, the Global Sikh Sports Federation (GSSF) will also establish a state-of-the-art Sikh Sports Centre (SSC) having a Recreation Centre (RC) and an ultra modern indoor stadium housing multi-sports facilities. The SSC will provide services of well qualified and expert coaches for different games to prepare the Sikh players for international competitions.
  • Further, short term certificate course for coaches and trainers will also be launched in this SSC to enhance their sporting skills and updating knowledge.