Aims & Objectives

The Global Sikh Sports Federation (GSSF) and Khalsa Football Club (Khalsa FC) is will organize Sikh Football Cup annually and endeavors

  • To substantiate that game can be played without cutting hair and beards.
  • To inspire Sikh youth and players for retaining their identity with unshorn hair and beards.
  • To uphold and promote Punjabi culture and Sikh identity worldwide so as to stop racial attacks.
  • To encourage the Sikh youth to engage in all types of sports as Keshadhari sports persons.
  • To regain the sheen lost in the past, which was once reigned by Punjabi's in sports.
  • To inspire youth to form football teams/clubs having Keshadhari (Sabat-Soorat) players besides promoting variety of games and developing playgrounds at block level.
  • To setup football training/coaching centres/academies;
  • To arrange/control national/international level football tournaments/Sikh football league, training/coaching camps at national/state level;
  • To arrange/finance visits of Khalsa FC teams/coaches at national/international level;
  • To wean away the youth from drug abuse and channelize their energy into sports activities so as they can enhance their carrier as sportsperson.
  • To inspire youth to play sports thereby making Sikh society healthy.
  • To enable the Punjabi youth to get recruitment in army, para-military and state police force through sports quota thereby fulfilling the deficiency of Punjabi officers in Indian forces.
  • To honour the legendary sportspersons, footballers, coaches and technical officials for their distinguished contributions.