Accountability & Transparency

Khalsa Football Club (Khalsa FC) is committed to meet standards of quality and accountability. Guided by our Sikhi/Panthic approach and principles, we will focus on ensuring that our partners, sponsors and community could suggest us in planning, implementing and evaluating our work.
Our emphasis will on integrating humanitarian accountability standards in our honorary and selfless work for promotion of sports and welfare of players thereby benefitting the society at large. Being accountable to our stakeholders, organizational data will be published in the annual audited report and utilization of all donations/funds shall be apparent and transparent.
Khalsa FC management will regularly monitor the extent to which club is making progress to achieve our aims and objectives. Khalsa FC will post substantial amount of information on the internet, annual reports, program reports, external evaluations, and media releases. In our privacy policy we have also defined the types of information that must remain confidential due to practical legal, operational, safety and security considerations. All stakeholders have the right to provide feedback to Khalsa FC and receive a response.
We are focused and committed to create a working environment at Khalsa FC where people should feel safe to come forward with sexual harassment, exploitation or abuse claims. We have provided a website reporting/contact mechanism for anyone outside the organization and concerns about any form of misconduct can be reported anonymously.
Our accountability framework guides us to make improvements in our work. We are testing and learning from new approaches and technological innovations that can strengthen our ability to listen, learn and adapt what we do and how we do it for greater impact.