Membership Registration Form

Any person who believes in and follows the aims/objectives of Khalsa Football Club can become its active member. Each member shall have to pay Rs. 5,100/- towards annual subscription fee.
Members of Khalsa FC shall work as a team for the welfare of the club untiringly in obtaining its aims/objectives with full zeal, zest and commitment. They shall abide by its rules and regulations and follow all guidelines, conditions and duties laid down/assigned to them from time to time to achieve the goals fixed by Khalsa FC. We are sure that members will help in spreading Gursikhi teachings through sports and other activities.

Token honour for members :
The members will ;
1. ‘Khalsa Soccer’ souvenir through post annually.
2. Get identity card and a badge (insignia).
3. Be provided 'Khalsa FC' t-shirts.
4. Get updates and invitations for all programs, occasions, football events and annual functions through emails.
5. Get 'Khalsa FC directory' having photographs of members.
6. Be honoured during annual function contributing more than one lakh funds in the year.

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